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Lor Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. George N. Lor, DC

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Chiropractic Screening & Exam

An initial chiropractic exam for  pain will typically have three parts: a consultation, case history, and physical examination. An X-ray examination may be performed.

  1. Consultation. The patient meets with the chiropractor and provides a brief synopsis of his or her lower  pain, such as:
    • Duration and frequency of symptoms
    • Description of the symptoms (e.g. burning, throbbing)
    • Areas of pain
    • What makes the pain feel better (e.g. sitting, stretching)
    • What makes the pain feel worse (e.g. standing, lifting).
    • Range of motion of the affected part
    • Muscle strength
  2. Case history. The chiropractor identifies the area(s) of complaint and the nature of the pain by asking questions and learning more about different areas of the patient's history, including:
    • Family history
    • Dietary habits
    • Past history of other treatments (chiropractic, osteopathic, medical and other)
    • Occupational history
    • Psychosocial history
    • Other areas to probe, often based on responses to above questions.
  3. Physical examination. A chiropractor may utilize a variety of methods to determine the spinal segments that require chiropractic treatments, including but not limited to static and motion palpation techniques determining spinal segments that are hypo mobile (restricted in their movement) or fixated. Depending on the results of the above examination, a chiropractor may use additional diagnostic tests, such as:
    • X-ray to locate subluxations (the altered position of the vertebra)

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